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Powder Detergent For Automatic Washers
Automatic Parts Washer Powder Detergent  

Product MSDSConcentrated Powder Detergent For Automatic Washers

Compatible with all automatic parts washers. Rust Inhibitor, safe for all metals, low foaming, low residue. Safe for electric motors.

Industrial strength jet wash detergent safe for all metals including aluminum & alloys. Safe on most painted surfaces, plastic & rubber parts. Solvent Free, no chelating agents, highly concentrated (no fillers), environmentally friendly, non caustic & fast acting. Attacks & destroys heavy grease, cutting fluids, oils, soils and baked on carbons quickly. Contains rust inhibitor and Defoamer. Works well in hart or soft water.

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All Automatic Cabinet Type Parts Washers


6039 - 55 Gallon Drum buy
6041 - 40# Pail buy

1# to 5 gallons water.


Very Good, Color: Off White

PH (100%)12.5 13
PH (use dilution) 12

Health - 2
Fire - 0
Reactivity - 0

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