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Powder Detergent For Manual Washers
Manual Detergent, Parts Washer Manual Detergent  

Product MSDSConcentrated Detergent For Manual Washers

Compatible with all manual water based parts washers. Fast Drying, low residue, skin conditioner, rust inhibitor. Safe for all metals, solvent free

A nonflammable, non-caustic & non-carcinogenic solvent free detergent. SCAQMD certified. Environmentally friendly, Phosphate free, No CFC’s, ODC’s, silicates, borates, halogens or phenols. A biodegradable detergent that makes disposal more friendly. Cuts grease and suspends oils quickly. Contains no chelating agents. Contains rust inhibitors which provide extra protection from flash rusting. De-foaming agents and quick release surfactants extend the life of the wash water. Pleasant odor, safe for all metals & contains skin conditioners.

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All Manual Parts Washers, Soak Tanks, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Dip Tanks, Any other low agitation cleaning application product image product info

6059 3/4 Gallon Super Concentrate buy
6060 - 5 Gallon concentrate buy
6063 - 55 Gallon concentrate buy
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Excellent, Color: Clear, Light Green

Cleans Safely – PH (100%) 8.5-9
PH (Use dilution) 7.5

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Health - 0
Fire - 0
Reactivity - 0

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