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Product MSDSDefoamer For Automatic and Manual Washers

Reduces excess foam in manual parts washers, and automatic parts washers. Compatible with all Renegade detergents. Usage depends upon your specific water hardness

Ready to use and easily dispersible in water based applications. Long lasting, chemically inert & non toxic. Leaves no substantial residue or odor. Safe for use in food & beverage manufacturing. Contains no carcinogens

Wastewater Approval letters

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All Manual and Automatic Parts Washers, used to prevent detergent from foaming


6003D - 32oz Flip Top Bottle buy
6002D - 1 Gallon Concentrate buy
6007D - 5 Gallon Concentrate buy
6001D - 55 Gallon Drum Concentrate buy

2 tsp per 20 gallons water


Excellent, Color: Milky White

PH (100%)6.0

Health - 0
Fire - 0
Reactivity - 0

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