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Part Washer Degreaser
Degreaser, Parts Washer Degreaser  

Product MSDSDegreaser For Pre-Treating Parts Washer Parts

Excellent pre-soak for extra tough grease and baked on soot and varnish. Compatible with all Renegade parts washer detergents. For use in manual parts washers, and automatic parts washers.


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Degreaser Applications

Used prior to Manual and Automatic Parts Washing, can also be used alone on shop floors for spot cleaning

Degreaser Availability

6040 - 24 oz spray bottle buy
6068 - Case of (12) - 24 oz bottles buy
6071 - 1 Gallon container buy
6067 - 5 Gallon container buy

Degreaser Mixing Instructions

No Mixing Required


Degreaser Rinseability

Excellent, Color: Clear

PH (100%) 6.4 6.8

Degreaser HMIS Rating

Health - 1
Fire - 1
Reactivity - 0

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